Uplifting Hearts of America, is a US based 501c3 nonprofit organization that started out of necessity after seeing the destruction of communities and the disruption of normal life left by Hurricane Harvey.  We are.comprised of trained volunteers that organize, prepare, mobilize, and respond quickly in the event of disaster. We are a growing organization and with the support of companies, local agencies and community, this will play a vital role in Uplifting Hearts of America being able to carry out it's mission. It is through the generosity of in-kind donations, monetary gifts and volunteer assistance, that will allow our organization to provide emotional support, supplies and financial assistance to those in crisis.

Why we do it

Disasters in the US are happening more often and seemingly becoming more catastrophic affecting thousands of people yearly.  Our local, state and federal governments are not able to respond effectively to everyone needs that are affected by such events leaving many with little or no help,resulting in masses of people left disheartened.  Uplifting Hearts of America, will relieve some of our country's burden when disaster happens responding to those that may be still in need, not by choice, only because our government, can't do it all.

Our Mission:  Uplifting Hearts of America, meets the immediate needs of those hit by disaster, by providing emotional and emergency financial support to help rebuild lives with donations from companies, local agencies and the general public.